Expona luxury vinyl tiles and plank flooring feature sophisticated wood, stone, metallic and abstract design effects with highly realistic embossing.

Design possibilities are endless, through the combination of different textures and the use of waterjet cutting and accessories. The Expona tile collection is protected by the addition of an easy-to-clean polyurethane treatment.




The natural beauty and durability of quartz. Modern design and superior performance of rubber. The warm look of wood with no-adhesive installation. Procedo Flooring products are making an impression in more ways than one.




Made by Novalis Innovative Flooring, a worldwide leader in luxury vinyl flooring since 1984, AVA brings unsurpassed quality in its aesthetic design and manufacturing for the commercial market.



Polyflor  manufactures a comprehensive range of resilient flooring solutions, including sheet, tile and specialized products that offer unusual designs and patterns, and a huge selection of spectacular colors, styles, and textures at very affordable prices.  All Polyflor products are floorscore certified.


TEKNOFLOR® is one of the original wood visual sheet vinyls introduced into the commercial market and was designed to eliminate polish and reduce maintenance costs. It was constructed to withstand the heaviest traffic, while maintaining its reputation as a “No Wax, No Buff” commercial sheet good.