Artigo Rubber Flooring – Fresh, Stylish and Unique

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Jun 22010

Artigo Rubber Flooring – Fresh, Stylish and Unique

Tired of the same old
rubber flooring?


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rubber flooring artigo: simply the most unique and stylish rubber flooring available.
If you are looking for something truly fresh and different, check out the styles and colors designed by Italian designer Sottsass Associati for Artigo  Zero 4

From Kayar’s coconut fiber, to Zero 4’s apparently random
distribution and Ebony’s conceptual abstraction, this is a remarkably unique and refreshing departure from typical rubber flooring.

zero closeup II Zero 4

yoga studio

Ebony closeup Ebony

Please check out Artigo’s website and see which products would jazz up your projects! (click here)

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