Aug 282011

Mission Critical Anti Static Flooring

Mission Critical Anti Static Flooring: Which Resistance Range is Correct – Static Dissipative or Conductive? Understanding Grounding Standards Motorola R56 and ATIS-0600321-2010 Unnecessary confusion exists over which ohms resistance rating is correct for grounded static control flooring used in end user operational equipment environments. The root cause of this confusion is misapplying flooring requirements used […]

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Aug 92011

Kaiser Approved! CERES PVC-Free Resilient Flooring

It’s Official! We are very pleased to announce that Ceres Sequoia and WELS Sheet PVC-Free flooring products are now approved standards at Kaiser Permanente. CERES Sequoia is a PVC-Free, chlorine-free, mineral based flooring developed for high traffic areas. While Sequoia’s advanced ionomer surface outperforms alternative flooring products, it is not a vinyl floor. Sequoia’s attractive, […]

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